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Snajeev Nanda and vision of art

Sanjeev Nanda has been known as an owner and art lover of The Claridges Hotels and Resorts for a long time. The hotel was built in 1952 and it has developed since that time. The idea of Sanjeev’s art influenced in his hotel architecture and interior.

The Claridges is the place for Sanjeev Nanda to promote international artists and fine arts in way he really wants. Nowadays The Claridges is the symbol of the touchstone in the business of hospitality within themetropolis of India. He knows the way on how to mix the traditional art with the modern art in both architecture and interior.

Sanjeev Nanda made a direct meeting with Crayon Art Gallery and then created art at the hotel as illustrate worktable guide. Thank to this activity, he created the mixture of contemporary and traditional idea. Then several artworks were revealed.

After referring the gallery, he pointed out his interest in contemporary and modern India art. This helps Sanjeev Nanda promote enchanting collections and motivate artistic methods of the artists and designers that he had chance to work closely with.

It can be said that the present stunning beauty of The Claridges Hotels and Resorts is the result of a lot of time of connection of famous, powerful and reputable designers and architects. The trendy part was shown in the Hotels and Resorts under the witness of Sanjeev Nanda.

The art work deco redecorating of The Claridges follows the 1920s and 1930s-the most prosperous years of India. With the support of Crayon Art Gallery, the fine art of The Claridges was made. This improved the strong relationship between Gaurav Karan and Sanjeev Nanda.

International well-known artists help The Claridges achieve the substance of art heritage and traditions. Thus, the fine art of the hotel is very important. With the help of art gallery, a lot of great talents is known from every place in the country. Sanjeev Nanda partnered with the Association of New Delhi to open fine art gallery. Sanjeev is the main factor to promote fine art and traditional art of India.